Cadet Captian Lindsey A. Schwab
22 May 1984 - 10 May 2002

The Gift

The gift we received was so innocent and pure, wholehearted and true. The shine this gift shared, spread like the new morning sun over the crest of grass, grazing every flower in her path. Blooming with delight were the hearts she had blessed.

The gift we received is that of an angel.

There’s no way to start this without having the meaning it needs. You have no idea how much you’ll be missed, not only by me, but by everyone else indeed.

I’ll miss all the fun times we’ve had…every laugh we shared, every hug we gave, even the times when I was sad.
You stood by my side strong and brave. I thank you for all you have ever done. I only wish I’d done the same for you.

Don’t forget to keep smiling and have fun. Best wishes with life and all that you do.

I’ll always remember the gift you’ve given me... A Friendship that is unbreakable. And I know if there’s anything you can’t be, that it would be hateable. 
Love Linny

Lindsey with the National Drill Team Trophy

Newspaper article by 

First Sgt Larry Schultz of the Mexico Marine Corps Junior ROTC

Letter from Lindsey's Parents to the Community

To the Editor. 

On May 10, 2002, our beloved 17 year old daughter, Lindsey, was struck and killed while standing on the shoulder of State Rt. 104 just outside the town of Mexico. She, along with other Mexico JROTC cadets, had been doing community service by picking up trash along the roadside. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends, employees of Nine Mile Point, the cadets and instructors of the Mexico Academy and Central High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, teachers, students, Board of Education, and the caring people of the Mexico community as well as nearby communities for all their prayers, cards, food donations, love and support during this most difficult and devastating time of our lives.  

We would like to say a special thank you to the Mexico Central School District Office for their help in handling the donations coming in for the Lindsey A. Schwab Scholarship Fund which is being set up in memory of Lindsey. We would like to thank all who have so generously donated to this fund. The scholarship was created in Lindsey's name to honor her belief in helping those in need. She was always the one who would never hesitate to do whatever was within her power to help others. Through the creation of this Scholarship, she will be able to continue helping others year after year. 

Lindsey loved to write and was going to be attending Oswego State University in the fall majoring in Journalism. In going through Lindsey's belongings, we came across a poem she had written in her poem book that she kept with her at all times. We would like to share this poem with readers in hopes that they too will be touched by the love and compassion Lindsey had for others. She always wanted to have her writing published, so now she shall have her wish.  

Although her physical form may have been shattered, her spirit remains unbroken and will forever remain within our hearts. 

Eric & Debbie Schwab & family
Mexico, NY


By Lindsey Schwab

If I could make just one little wish
I would wish for a thousand more
First to give each hungry child a food dish
Then I would continue on some more
Give all the poor the money they need
Stop the selfish from getting it all
Take away the hate, and stop the greed
Make sure the weak never fail, never fall
I would give the hearing back to the deaf
The sight back to the blind
Give back to them what was left
Just a little something to free their minds
I’d give the world to my friends
It’s the least they deserve
I would wish them love until the end
Whatever they want, I would reserve
If I had a thousand wishes
I could make my list a mile long
For everyone, some hugs and kisses
And maybe even a song

The following was a Memorial Tribute To Lindsey from RASP (The Rural AfterSchool Program) at MACS.


When tragedy of any kind strikes the first
thing we ask ourselves is why, why did
this have to happen, why did this happen
the way it did? We wonder as any
human being would- how we will go on
when tragedy occurs.  Just yesterday it seems like
I, along with many others were asking myself
one question that couldn't be answered; that was
the question "Why did Lindsey have to go?"

Not being able to understand the answer to
my own question and what had happened to
Lindsey-someone with a caring heart I, as
with everyone else stood in shock, some of
us were alone, others were with family and
friends, but we all cried and mourned when
we received the news that a beloved friend
to many of us had been sadly taken
away because of a tragedy. When we heard
the news some of us cried in groups
while some sat in pure silence, hugged one
another or cried alone
to mourn the loss
of a great friend, and a sister to
some; no matter how we look at what
happened that day all of us lost a
part of ourselves in so many different ways.

Looking back on that tragic day I have
continued to ask myself why- why we were
put through something so dramatic- it all went
way too fast; some of us didn't have
the chance to say our last good-bye.
Looking back on that day I have now
reflected on the impact Lindsey had on each
of us; she touched our hearts whenever we
were in her presence- she was and always
will be a part of our lives; she'll
be inside of our hearts each and every
day, our memories of her will always remain
intact- we will remember her for the impact
that she had on everyone- we will remember
how much she made us smile and how
she made each minute and moment of our
lives worthwhile when she was in our presence.

-Kristy Cartier

This is the Trophy cabinet donated by Raymour & Flanigan Furniture. It is located in the lobby of the High School and is used to house the Daytona National Drill Team Championship Trophy won by the Mexico Marine Corps Junior ROTC Drill Team in Daytona Florida in May 2002. Above is a photo of Lindsey with that trophy. After her death, the team decided to present her family with it as a reminder of just how important a part she was to the entire Drill Team Family. 

The Schwab's have chosen to share it with the cadets, the school and the community by having it on display at the High School. 

"Thank you Raymour & Flanigan" for the cabinet and "Thank you Schwab's." Your selflessness and generosity continue to amaze and humble me. I know that I am not alone.

Below is the statement that is on the cabinet. Please stop up and have a look at it if you get a chance. 

On May 3rd, 2002, the Mexico JROTC drill team competed for their first time in the National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. They placed 2nd in the Nation in Unarmed Regulation Drill. This trophy was the result of many months of early morning practices and hard work.

On May 10, 2002, Cadet Captain Lindsey A. Schwab was killed when a motorist crossed onto the shoulder of the road where Lindsey was picking up trash as part of the Adopt A Highway Program. One week earlier, Lindsey had been part of the Drill Team that was awarded this 2nd place trophy. 

On May 14, the Mexico JROTC cadets presented the Schwab family with the National Drill Team Championship trophy in honor and memory of Lindsey. The Schwab’s have placed this trophy on display in the Mexico High School in loving memory of their daughter and as a tribute to the Mexico JROTC cadets for their benevolence, dedication, community service and outstanding achievements.


Created 21 June 2002

In recognition of the extraordinary
effort, support and dedication
to the Drill Team and its members.

Memorial 2003
1st Sgt Larry Schultz wrote a little something that he wanted read at that time. Here is that letter:
Hi everyone,
Although I am unable to attend Lindsey’s Memorial, I wanted to pass a few of my thoughts on to you. 
I look back one year after Lindsey’s death and ponder how my life has changed.  I am more content with life now because of the wonderful lessons that Lindsey taught me during her short, but so very meaningful life.  I hope that you will bear with me as I struggle to put my feelings on paper.  I find it very difficult to put my feelings into words because Lindsey has become so engrained in my heart and soul. 
I used to smile when I would walk in the classroom and see Lindsey with her many friends. 
Now I smile when I think of Lindsey and how the room brightened each time she entered.
I always asked Lindsey if she would help the team or me overcome an obstacle.
Now, I think what Lindsey would say or do to help me overcome an obstacle or challenge in my life.
I remember thinking last year what I would do when Lindsey graduates and I no longer had my good luck charm. 
Now, I know that Lindsey is my Guardian Angel and I thank God He is allowing her to watch over me.
Last year in Daytona, I was so filled with joy to have the opportunity to spend such a wonderful week with Lindsey and her teammates. 
Now, I reflect and tears flow freely as I think of the joy Lindsey shared with us that wonderful week last year.
Last year I was so grateful to have Lindsey in my life.
This year I am so grateful to have had Lindsey in my life.
Last year there were a lot of smiles when I was with Lindsey.
This year has been a lot of tears when I would think of Lindsey.
Not one day goes by that I do not take some time to think of Lindsey.  The past five years with Lindsey have been wonderful and I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with her.  Death has become less haunting for me because when my time here is done I know Lindsey and I will continue our friendship.  I can only imagine the wonderful greeting that I will receive when that time arrives.
God bless you all.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
1stSgt Larry Schultz

Memorial 2004

Scholarship Keeps Teen's Desire To Help Others Alive
By Steve Yablonski/Oswego Bureau Chief

In life, Lindsey Schwab had an intense desire to help others.

The teen-ager died in the spring of 2002 after being struck by a sports utility vehicle a month before she would have graduated from Mexico High School.

She is still helping others, however. Her family and friends have seen to that.

"The story in brief is that, after two years of fundraising and donations from friends, family, the Mexico community, co-workers and people from all across the United States, we recently achieved our goal for the Lindsey A. Schwab Memorial Scholarship of $20,000," said Lindsey's mother, Debbie Schwab. "Last night (May 18), our family presented Dollars for Scholars with a check for an additional $40,000, bringing the total to $60,000."

Currently, there are two $1,000 scholarships given out each year.

"The first year the scholarship was awarded, we gave out four $1,000 scholarships because that was Lindsey's graduating class (2002)," her mother explained. "Since then, we give out two $1,000 scholarships."

This year's pair of scholarships will be presented on Senior Awards Night, June 9.

Lindsey A. Schwab's mother and father, Debbie and Eric, present a $40,000 donation to Jane Backus, of Dollars For Scholars, to be added to the scholarship fund in memory of Lindsey. Looking on is Lindsey's sister, Tiffany.

Mrs. Schwab said they would be meeting in the near future with the representatives from Dollars for Scholars to decide how to best handle the additional monies.

"We have a few ideas, but need time to come up with the best plan of action," she explained. "We will come up with something before the scholarships are awarded for the class of 2005."

Lindsey died at about 4:15 p.m. May 10, 2002, while she was taking part in a community service ("Adopt A Highway") project along Route 104 with other members of the Mexico High School's Junior ROTC program.

She would have celebrated her 20th birthday this Saturday, May 22.

Lindsey joined JROTC because her older sister, Jennifer, was in the program and loved it, her mother said.

The program really helped Lindsey come out of her shell (she used to be very shy) and she truly loved being part of the program and the drill team, she added.

"Being a member of the drill team when they won the second place national trophy in Daytona Beach, Fla., was one of her proudest and happiest moments. Exactly one week later, she was taken from us, which was the worst moment of my life and my family's life. Lindsey was only on this earth a short time, but she impacted many lives and will continue to do so through her scholarship," she said.

The way the scholarships are awarded is that the graduating class and the MACS faculty nominate five boys and five girls for the scholarship.

The students chosen then must submit an essay to the Schwab family, who then decides which two graduating seniors from the list will receive the scholarships.

Lindsey's scholarship will continue to be awarded annually "for many, many years to come," her mother said.

The Schwab's plan to replenish the scholarship through donations and their own contributions each year.

If anyone would like to contribute, they can send donations to:

Dollars for Scholars, Mexico Middle School, 16 Fravor Road, Mexico, NY 13114, Attn: Claire Wandersee; put in the notation on the check that it is for the Lindsey A. Schwab Scholarship.

"Through the creation of this scholarship, Lindsey will continue to help others by assisting graduating Mexico seniors in their quest for higher education," her mother said. "We plan on this being a perpetual scholarship that will live on long after we are gone."

Happy Heavenly 20th Birthday Lindsey

Two Years of Loss

by Brenda Dann

It’s been two years since we lost Lindsey. It was a day, much like today… warm, sunny and full of springtime blossom and hope. A day like any other that started with hugs and kisses and temporary goodbye’s and ended with unbearable sadness and despair and no chance to say a final farewell.

But time has continued on. We have lived our lives, and all the while keeping Lindsey in our hearts and thoughts. For some, that means putting tributes to her at her memorial site or posting notes to or about her on their internet message pages and instant messengers. But even though time has passed and our wounds have healed, the scars of that day will be forever jagged and visible.

For her family, most of us can never understand their suffering and loss, but in our own lives, we too suffer the loss of a friend and one we loved. We miss you Lindsey and we pray you can feel our love.

 A sunny day, a happy good bye
Off she goes in the morning sky.
To work at school and spread her cheer
To help her friends and lend an ear.
She spends her day in carefree style
Talking with friends and spreading her smile.
About her business, she does go
What comes next, no one could know.
Working happily, hand in hand
Helping out her fellow man.
Then in a moment her life is done
And the whole world changes, for she is gone.
Now from above, with watching eyes
Seeing our pain and hearing our cries.
Into our dreams she gently creeps
And in our hearts she forever sleeps.

Guardian Angle from up above
Protect us each with all of your love.
Comfort our hearts with memories sweet
Until one day again we do joyously meet.

 Memorial Cross Refurbishment & Replacement

Memorial Cross Refurbishment & Replacement

2007  Image Gallery Link


Sunday afternoon Jennifer Schwab, left, and Jenny Redhead-Bickford put pink and white lace around the edges of a memorial cross for Lindsey Schwab, who was struck and killed by a motorist on State Route 104 nearly five years ago.

It was May 10, 2002, and Lindsey Schwab was cleaning up trash and debris from the roadside one mile east of the Village of Mexico when she was struck and killed by a 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer driven by Thomas Smallman of Phoenix.

Nearly five years after the Mexico High School senior was killed by the motorist along State Route 104, the victim's family and friends still gather to remember the once “vibrant, angelic, outgoing” teen. Sunday afternoon, at Schwab's best friend Jenny Redhead-Bickford's house in Mexico, friends and family met to restore the cross that is placed at the site Schwab was killed.

“It doesn't seem like it's been five years,” Redhead-Bickford said as she decorated the white cross with blue, pink and white flowers. “We've done this every year since and plan on doing it every year from now on.”

Redhead-Bickford said the colors of the artificial flowers on the cross are specifically used because they have special meaning. “There's light blue on it because it was her favorite color, and then there's the pink and white in the middle.”

As Schwab's friends and family decorated the cross, they laughed and shared stories and memories. She was well-liked and a member of the Junior ROTC program, drama and band, they recalled.

“She's my hero,” said Schwab's older sister, Jennifer Schwab. “She went out of her way to make other people happy.”

Although the yearly restoration of Lindsey's cross is difficult for the elder Schwab, she said it is important in the healing process.

“There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her,” she said. “It's really important to get together to remember her. It makes such a sad situation a little easier to deal with.”

Friends and family will gather again on Saturday to put the cross up in the spot where Lindsey was killed. A member of the Oswego County Sheriff's Department will block off the road during that time, while those in attendance will have a moment of silence and reflection.

Dear Lindsey,
One can't know where to begin. It's been a very long 5 years since you were taken from your family and friends, and to this day, the pain at times is still intense. The memories of that day are fresh and clear and intolerable. You were taken away at a time that was to be one of the most exciting of your life...  The exciting anticipation of  High School Graduation and a bright future of College in the Fall. No one can understand or know why. 
Before this day happened to you, I had always been able to put things into some kind of perspective. It's five years later and I still have no perspective on this. I can't fit it neatly into any rhyme or reason. It makes no sense and for me, it never will. All I could do then and all I can do now is be thankful to have known you briefly and to have spent time with you in the days before you were taken. 
Your family is moving forward, as much as they can. Life without you has been a challenge for them all and they continue to try to heal, day to day. Your family and friends will continue to celebrate your life each year with the placement of your memorial cross and we will continue to mourn your passing, each person in their own way. You were loved, you are loved and you will remain forever in our hearts and minds. 
With Love,
A letter from 1st Sgt Larry Schultz,
Please tell all present tomorrow that I will be thinking of them. Not a day goes by without thinking of Lindsey and her influence on my life.
Yesterday, like all the May 10ths since 2002, was Lindsey's Memorial Day in my life. I regret being so busy that my communication with many in the Mexico area has diminished so much over the years, but my heart and thoughts are with all of you constantly. 
The six years I was at MACS will be the most revered of my life. I love all of you and wish that I could be there tomorrow to give everyone a hug, share a few tears, as well as a few laughs, as you cherish the memories and love for such a special and loving person who was taken way to soon. Like you, my heart still aches from the pain that I feel. May God bless you all.

Memorial Cross Refurbishment & Replacement

2008 - Image Gallery Link

Letter from Bryan Haynes

My Dearest Friends,

Unfortunately another year has passed since we lost one of the most influential, kindest, angels that many of us will ever meet. Unfortunately as has been the case in recent years I will be unable to attend the rebuilding and replacing of the cross.

It hurts that I cannot be with all of you to celebrate the life of a truly unique and powerful young woman. I can promise you that there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the impact that Lindsey had on my life. While I am not there on this day to celebrate with all of you, I make it a point to celebrate her life everyday by doing the things that I think that she would approve of me doing.

I take the time to be a better son, brother, boyfriend, and friend because she would have wanted it that way. I am following my dreams and living my life to the fullest being sure never to take the blessings I have for granted. I hope all of you are living your lives the same way.

She was taken too soon but we all had a lot to learn from her during her life and in her death. It took me a long time to find that meaning and when I did it changed my life.

I will be thinking of you all on Saturday and my best wishes to all of you and your families.

With Love,


2009 Memorial Cross Restoration 

A Letter from 1st Sgt. Larry Schultz

Words do not adequately describe how badly I want to be with everyone on Saturday; however, my commitments here will not allow that, again, this year. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you as you make Lindsey's Cross and celebrate her life. I pray that one year I will be there to help make Lindsey's Cross so I can share the day with all of her wonderful friends. Lindsey is with me every day in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Not a day goes by that I do not think of Lindsey, and all of you, who made my life such a joy and blessing.

Please pass my best wishes to everyone and tell them I miss them all."

I'm sure Lindsey will be present as you celebrate her life today. 

Have a joyful day,

Click for all the 2009 restoration photos

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So much to be thankful for...

In watching everyone today, I am reminded of how much we all have to be thankful for. Seeing each of Lindsey's former classmates & friends, her sisters, niece & nephew, and her Mom & Dad, I was able to see how much love, how much comfort and how much support they all are to each other. I hope that when each of you view these photos and videos, you see and feel the same thing. 

While the loss of Lindsey was a profound and debilitating event, the gatherings that I witness, year after year, provide hope, healing and a glimpse at the lives, that though forever altered, have found their way back to happiness and peace. This is one of the most painful, yet most necessary events that I attend each year. I enjoy seeing new & old faces, new & growing children and aging parents. My deepest sympathies are ever with the Schwab family, but also, my deepest gratitude for allowing us to continue to share in the celebration of Lindsey's life. 

I am thankful to know all of you and to have known Lindsey.
Brenda Dann

2010 Memorial & Cross Restoration

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 2010 Memorial Tributes

Thinking of you today Lindsey…
I have spent years trying to make sense of that day. Up until that moment in time, I thought that everything happens for a reason. Since that day, I no longer have felt that way. Sometimes things just happen... and sometimes they are just terrible things.
It took me many years to try to find something positive that could have possibly came from such a tragedy and for many years, I was sure there never could be such a thing. Recently, like an awakening, it was revealed to me. In the end, there was one thing that I could finally find some peace in... Perspective.
The events of that day and the years to follow, have provided a perspective to myself, and perhaps many others, on what truly was important in life. Each day since you were taken, no matter how trivial or trying the struggles I have faced, I have kept perspective on what is truly important, and for me that is largely due to you Lindsey.  
I have kept your photo attached to the side of my computer monitor at home and on the wall in front of my desk in my office for eight years now and when things seem difficult or stressful, all I need to do is take a moment to look at that sweet smiling face of yours and my troubles seem less urgent and less important.  

Life is short, love is deep and forever is a long, long time. Thinking of you today and often and thanking you for what you have given me. Perspective. 

Lindsey was a great friend. I have two best friends and she was one of them. I often look back now at what a friend Lindsey was and how understanding she was. I think of her every day and I believe that she is my guardian Angel who is protecting me from any danger or tragedy. Lindsey had a gift, and for anyone who was friends with her you could see that. I will not forget that day but now I look at and cherish the few years I knew her. 

There are many times I fall asleep and her face and what she looked like is fresh in my mind. If there was one thing she taught me that was NEVER to give up and to go for your dreams. Lindsey always had a positive attitude and believed you could achieve anything you set your mind to. Since her death I have lived by this and often times when I think I cannot do something I revert back to her knowing that it is her who gives me the drive to do what I thought I could not. I know she is in my heart and she always will be. 

Miss you!

Kristy Cartier
Lindsey, I never had the pleasure of meeting and knowing you, but I sure wish I had. All I’ve heard about you is that you were a wonderful person and friend. And I sincerely believe that you were.

It saddens me today as I think of what you've left behind. A few of my cousins knew you and were friends with you, I know that they are happy to have known you and are saddened that they lost you. 

As I think of you, I think back to that trophy case that stands by the JROTC room. I used to walk by it almost everyday of my high school career. Your smiling picture reminded me to help all that I could and be the best person I could possibly be to others, just to make them smile. If I was having a bad day, and I walked by your picture, I instantly smiled. 

I never knew you, never met you, but I feel like I have, I feel like I did. For that I'm glad. I'll be thinking of you today Lindsey.

Patience Dann

That's very thoughtful of you Patience. Lindsey was a great person. She was truly kind and I don't think you could find an enemy of her's if you tired. She overcame obstacles and excelled in all that she attempted. She is missed by many and it is sad that she did not get to meet more people during her life, but you are proof that even if she didn't get to meet you, she can still touch your life as if she had. :-)

Mindy (Dann) Herrington
It's so hard to believe it has been 8 years since I last talked with, laughed with, smiled with and made memories with my sister and best friend. Linny, everyday still hurts, every memory of you is still bittersweet. I wish so much that I could hug you, just one last time and have the chance to say goodbye. I love you! Rest in Peace ♥ Lindsey Anne Schwab 05/22/84- 05/10/02 ♥

Jennifer Lynn Schwab

Eight years is too long to go without my sister, my best-friend..not a day goes by that I dont miss you with everything I am. *RIP Lindsey Anne Schwab* 5/22/84-5/10/ gardian angel, I love you.

Tiffany Schwab

Thinking of all the family and friends Lindsey had to leave behind and wishing she were still here so none of them had to feel the pain they felt that day. So no one had to continue to miss their daughter, sister or friend. So each of us could celebrate her accomplishments, of which I am sure there would have been many, instead of mourning her loss.

Thank you Lindsey for teaching me how precious and unpredictable life can be.

    Mindy (Dann) Herrington 
Time passes so quickly, and sometimes we forget to remember what is most important to us. On this day, I always reflect what is most precious in our lives, our children, family and friends. I always take time to tell them I love them, and to make sure it is said every day. We never know what tomorrow brings, and what fate will bring us. Lindsey taught me several things; to always smile, never seen her without one; to hold friends dear, she always did; to love unconditionally, she loved everyone around her; to embrace the future, regardless of the past and look for the rainbows every single day. Love to you Lindsey and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to all you knew.
Patricia Redhead
A 26th Birthday Tribute to Lindsey:
I never got to actually meet you, but I know that you were an amazing person. I certainly missed out on a wonderful gift from God. I know you made my Jenny a better person and you still mean the world to her. You continue to live on in my Jenny and will forever be a part of my life due to that. I am reminded to be a better person just seeing how much you meant and still mean to people. I truly wish I had the chance to get to know you. Between your amazing family, I'm including my Jenny in that, and all of your friends, I know you will never, ever be forgotten. I promise you that we will continue to do our part in ensuring that. I can only wish that my children will have half the compassion for other people that you had and be half the person that you were. We miss you more than words can describe. Thank you for the impact you had on people in your much too short of time here on this earth. Happy Birthday Lindsey.
Luke Bickford