Brenda's Memorable Memorial Day - 2003

Computer Surgeon Brenda had determined that working on computers can be Dangerous to your Health!!!!

This is me holding my hair and the drill before I realized how much I had actually had ripped from my head!!

This is right after the unfortunate incident.

This is Tom and I finishing up the job we started. 

This is Dave Redhead in a bald spot comparison. I win!! This is the mirror image, Front to Back. Personally, I like me better from the front now, but boy, am I a recognizable hind profile now!!!
And this is me doing what I like to do best. Boy... it's kind of chilly in here! Can someone shut the door? :-) Gotta laugh or your might cry!
The worst part is not the pain or the humiliation, it's the fact that the Dr. has only given me a 50/50 chance of my hair growing back in because it was torn out by the roots. That's a real bummer, but I am optimistic. After all, obviously I have pretty good luck!


Rainy Memorial Day afternoon: Free
Trip to the mall for computer parts: $27.00
Lunch with your hubby, son and his fiancÚ': Precious
Afternoon Spent with Hubby installing those computer parts: Priceless
Lighten up, it's only hair!!



Hair growth up-dates.









7/25/2003 8/6/2003


( I am starting to get my winter coat!!)
October 26, 2003


January 17, 2004 - My Ducks Butt... according to Tom January 17, 2004-Curly Q!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Did it hurt when you did it? Answer: Is water wet? It throbbed and burned for about 6 hours. Then it was just sore for about a week or two. Now, it's just like any bald head. Only hurts if it gets a sunburn.

Will it grow back? Yes, some of it will. I will likely end up with about 1/3 to 1/2 of it over the next 2-6 years. Just like a baby trying to grow hair only some roots were torn out and caused damage to some follicles, so I will never likely have what I had before.  

Does it Itch? Yes, it itched a great deal for the first few weeks but now I keep it moisturized daily and it itches much less. It really tickles in a breeze though now that all those little hairs are wiggling around up there!

Will it get thicker in the cold weather? Only if I am part horse... Tom seems to think it will so perhaps it may! (Looks like he is right! The colder it gets, the faster it grows!!) Yippee!!!